We are a creative studio with tons of original,
diverse and playful entertainment
to help kids thrive and connect with the world!

Art Meets Play can't wait to share our stories with you!

Check out quick overviews of just a few of our original AMP properties...


Dragon O'Keefe, Fire Chief

Follow the magical, mash-up action adventures of Dragon, Riley, Rowan and the whole crew as they save the day and discover that anyone can be a hero if they just follow their heart. Epic, magical world with real-life role play twist; boy and girl play patterns in a single immersive world. Preschool, dual gender.



Come on over to the coziest place around! A short format, quiet time music show introducing the happy, lovable creatures of Cuddlewood. Snuggle up with the cuddly woodland creatures, and drift off to lullabies of Firefly and the Nightlights. A sweet, soothing time in Cuddlewood is just a warm hug and a gentle song away! Toddler to early preschool, dual gender.


FishaSaur & Friends

Meet the Gooplings in this hilarious creature mash-up show focusing on determination and grit in the face of change, showcasing problem-solving as a part of any process. Embracing diversity with a message of 'we are all different, and that's what makes us special!' Preschool, dual gender.


Darius & the Super Olds

Darius' grandparents used to be the world’s most powerful super heroes! They retired years ago, along with the many other Super Olds at Titans’ Landing. But as new dangers emerge and Darius shows signs of having the Super gene, it’s time for Solar Streak, Princess Powerhouse, and the rest of the Super Olds to leave retirement in the dust. Ages 6+, dual gender.


The Speqtors

A sudden family move to musty ol' Miskatonic, Massachusetts begins the curious story of the talented Speqtor family. It's the tale of a talking tarantula, sassy spirits seeking attention, gabby ghosts with wrongs that need to be made right, and a sinister spectre set on stealing souls. Along the way, long-held family secrets spill out, unleashing a whole new world of awesome apparitions and hilarious adventure. Ages 6+, dual gender.


StealthWing Saga

Follow the heart-racing action and girl-powered adventures of Kira, Arden, Machiko, Drystan and Zen as they forge their destinies and unlikely friendships during their first year at StealthWing Academy! As the long dormant N’Gog infects their world once again, these five extraordinary girls face off against the evil force while developing their own unique and mysterious powers. Ages 6+, girl target.